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Our online banking service provides access to your accounts from the convenience of your home, work, or wherever an internet connection is available.

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For quick answers refer to our Online Banking Frequently Asked Questions.

Please note, if you are a Small Business customer and would like to enroll your business in Online Banking, please contact Customer Care at 700-503-0582 for assistance.

New customers who provide an email address upon account opening will automatically receive a welcome email with an online services enrollment token.  Use this token to expedite the online banking enrollment process.

Existing customers may enroll by supplying their account or debit card number.  Have the following information if using this option:

  • Stockholmscu checking account, savings account or debit card number
  • Mother's maiden name
  • Date of birth

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Need additional help? See our Detailed Enrollment Guide .

If you are a new customer and opened your first new Stockholmscu account(s) today, you can access to your eligible account(s) by tomorrow.

If you are an existing Stockholmscu customer new to online banking, see your eligible online account(s) immediately.

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Online Banking Features:

  • Bill payment - No stamps, envelopes, or checks. Just tell us when, where, to whom, and for how much, and we'll take care of the rest! You can set up e-bills for recognized payees, payment reminders, and automatic recurring payments. You can also make an expedited payment to qualified payees which will be sent overnight (a convenience fee will be charged when making an expedited payment). You can even set up payment categories to help manage your bill payments.
  • Email notifications - We can email a daily statement, let you know when your account balances are too high or too low, and even warn you of failed or insufficient items on your account.
    • Coming soon: You can manage your notification options through the Service Center.  Until this feature is available, please contact Customer Care at 1-877-968-7962 to manage your daily / weekly notification options.
  • Account Alerts - We can notify you by email each day when certain conditions on your account are met. You set the alert criteria for balance alerts, transaction alerts, debit card alerts, and more.
  • Automatic Security Alerts - We can email an automatic security alert whenever any of the following actions has occurred:
    • Password change
    • Secure Message available
    • Address change
    • Email address change
    • Phone number change
    • New payee added
    • eStatement now available
  • Transfers - Move money to/from your eligible Stockholmscu accounts. You can create one-time transfers, recurring transfers and future transfers.
  • Service Center
    • Change your username and password online
    • Personalize your account names
    • Re-Order checks
    • Order a Stockholmscu Debit Card
    • Request a Stop Payment, Check Copy, or Statement Copy
    • Manage eStatements
    • Maintain your email notifications - coming soon
    • and more
  • Current Activity / Statements - View current and past statements, and check current transactions.
  • eStatements - Receive your statements electronically by opting out of paper statements and enrolling in eStatements. eStatements are:
    • Safe and Secure - Electronic statements can't be sent to the wrong address or taken from your mailbox
    • Convenient - View your statements days before you would receive them in the mail.
    • Time-savers - No more need to file or shred paper statements.
    • Ecofriendly - Use less paper, and create less waste.
  • Check Images - Display the front/back images of checks
  • Intuit® Quicken, or Intuit® QuickBooks - Stockholmscu Online Services works with Quicken® and QuickBooks®.  Easily download/export your account information to one of these personal financial management software packages for planning, budgeting, and tracking your finances.
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