VMBCN Debit Card Fraud Text Alerts

With VMBCN Debit Card Fraud Text Alerts, a text message alert is sent directly to your mobile phone or other SMS-enabled device when unusual activity appears on your VMBCN Debit Card.

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How Fraud Text Alerts Work

Your debit card is continuously monitored for transactions that occur outside of your normal banking activity.  This includes purchases made at different locations, excessive transactions in a short period of time, transactions made during unusual timeframes, and purchase patterns that are consistent with previously identified fraud trends.

If your debit card has been identified as having potentially fraudulent activity, a Fraud Specialist will first attempt to contact you by phone.  If contact by phone is unsuccessful and you have enrolled in Fraud Text Alerts, a fraud alert text message is sent to your mobile phone, instructing you to call our Fraud Department for assistance.  You must be enrolled in Fraud Text Alerts to receive the text alert.

How to Enroll

You will be required to review and accept the additional terms and conditions, and enter your mobile phone number.  You must have your mobile device present.  Once you submit your mobile phone number for enrollment, you will receive a verification text message to ensure you are in possession of the mobile device.  You must enter the verification code included in the initial text message into the Verification Code field on the enrollment page to complete the enrollment process.

For more information visit our Fraud Alerts FAQs

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