Overdraft Solutios

Overdraft Solutions

We offer three overdraft solutions to assist in managing your account while allowing you to control your cost: Account Sweep; Line of Credit; and PrivilegePay®. Paying attention to your financial needs is our top priority.

To prevent overdraft fees, we recommend maintaining all account activity in a check register and routinely reconciling your account to the balance reported by the bank. Using our automated telephone information system, Online Banking, Online Banking Alerts, and Daily Email Notifications to monitor your account balance and account activity can assist you in managing your account. As an example, Daily Email Notifications are sent to you each morning and include detailed account balance and transaction information. Online Banking Alerts can be set to email you when your balance drops below an amount you set.

To fully understand overdrafts and our standard overdraft practices, review the following documents.

For further information please see a retail banker.

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